“Diana Hajui Stingo Za Mechi” Bahati Reveals The Only ‘TwaTwa’ Style He Gets

Bahati and Diana Marua, both prominent figures in the public eye, have chosen to embrace an open relationship, willingly putting their personal dynamics on display for the world to see. Unfazed by the boundaries that typically safeguard one’s private life, they consistently disclose intricate details about their relationship through various social media platforms.

During a recent family retreat in Naivasha, the couple decided to unwind from the demands of their hectic 2023 schedules by indulging in some alcoholic beverages. In a rather candid moment, Diana Marua, renowned for documenting their lives through videos, captured a visibly inebriated Bahati and promptly shared the footage online. In the video, Bahati, under the influence, openly discussed aspects of their intimate life.

In a surprising revelation, Bahati mentioned that Diana was acquainted with only one particular intimate style, humorously dubbed ‘Kifo Cha Mende’ (dead cockroach) by him. This revelation sparked curiosity and raised eyebrows among their followers. Bahati went on to share that Diana, when under the influence, often makes promises of passionate and intense intimate encounters but is unable to fulfill them due to her intoxicated state. In fact, Bahati recounted an instance where he had to assist her to bed.

It is clear that this celebrity couple has chosen not to withhold any aspect of their intimate life from the public eye. Diana Marua, known for her authenticity and comprehensive documentation of their activities, does not shy away from exposing both the highs and lows of their relationship. This level of openness has elicited a diverse range of reactions from their followers, with some praising the couple for their transparency, while others criticize them for what they perceive as an oversharing of their personal lives.