“Kukaliwa Nayo” Mixed Reactions After Kenyan Pastor Size 8 Reveals DJ Mo Washes Her Innerwears

Kenyan gospel singer-turned-pastor, Size 8, recently opened up about a rather unconventional aspect of her marriage with DJ Mo. The couple, who have been married for over a decade, shared on their reality show aired on TV47 that they take part in the mutual task of laundering each other’s undergarments.

Size 8 revealed her willingness to wash her husband’s underwear, a sentiment surprisingly echoed by DJ Mo, who admitted to reciprocating this gesture throughout their entire marriage. This disclosure, made during their show, “Size 8 Reborn,” has ignited a wave of reactions across social media platforms, with the term “Kukaliwa Nayo” trending as users weigh in on the matter.

While some online voices have criticized Size 8 for what they perceive as oversharing intimate details of their relationship, others have rallied to the couple’s defense. Supporters argue that such actions signify a profound level of intimacy and mutual respect within their marriage, challenging conventional gender roles and societal norms.

Beyond the couple’s actions, the ensuing debate has sparked broader discussions about privacy boundaries and what is deemed appropriate for public disclosure. As opinions clash, the impact of this revelation on the couple’s public image and the ratings of their reality show remains uncertain. Will this intimate disclosure attract more viewers, or will it alienate those who find it too personal?

In response to the uproar, DJ Mo swiftly defended their stance, questioning why people are surprised by such a mundane aspect of their marriage. He emphasized that his wife has been washing his underwear for a decade and posed the rhetorical question: “Don’t your wife wash yours?”