Pesa Otas! Njugush's Wife Celestine Ndinda Buys A New Range Rover -

Pesa Otas! Njugush’s Wife Celestine Ndinda Buys A New Range Rover

Celestine Ndinda, also known as Wakavinye, Njugush’s wife, is the town’s newest automobile owner.

Wakavinye and vehicle dealer Mwangi Mercedes collaborated on a social media post. She expressed her joy, noting that the wait had been worthwhile.

With joy, she penned, “Well done Celestine🙌🏾. I deserve this and so much more! Thank you God for this dream that is now a reality.”

Fans in the comments section praised the mother of two on her new vehicle, while others wished her luck in life.

“Congratulations Cele👑 You deserve it and Everything Nice..! Congratulations once more!”

“God for his people we are all winning honestly happy for you ..seen your efforts and hard work.”

“I can’t stop smiling while crying Aki I’m happy for you Truly In His own time He Makes everything beautiful.”

Celestine Ndinda has progressed from owning a Vitz to purchasing a Range Rover.

In an earlier interview, her husband Njugush explained that the name Wakavinye came from a time when Celestine drove a Toyota Vitz that he called Kavinye.

“Cele used to own a Vitz, so I called it Kavinye, which is how I came up with the name Wakavinye (the one who owns a kavinye).”

The duo has had a string of achievements this year, including their critically praised ‘Through Thick and Thin’ concerts, which have captivated audiences in Australia and the United Kingdom.

Celestine Ndinda, you deserve it.