Mulamwah: The Least Amount Of Money I Walk Around With Daily is 70 K Mpesa, 50K Cash.

Renowned Kenyan comedian and content creator, Mulamwah, who also serves as a radio presenter at Milele FM, recently disclosed the substantial amount of money he typically carries with him. Mulamwah, known for his comedic prowess and entrepreneurial endeavors, boasts a thriving business portfolio, including ownership of over 30 motorbikes and various business premises, indicative of his diverse streams of income.

In a recent interview, Mulamwah candidly shared insights into his financial success, revealing that he is a millionaire, with monthly earnings surpassing the Ksh. 1 million mark. His financial prosperity is further augmented by numerous endorsement deals and frequent appearances as an emcee at various events.

During a conversation with Flossy Trukid, Mulamwah divulged his preparedness for any financial exigency, emphasizing that he always ensures his Mpesa account and cash reserves are adequately stocked. He disclosed that he typically carries a minimum of Ksh. 70,000 to 80,000 in his Mpesa account, while his cash holdings rarely dip below Ksh. 50,000, a claim substantiated by his willingness to display the money during the interview.

Mulamwah’s affluence extends beyond mere liquidity, as evidenced by his ongoing construction of a multimillion mansion in his village. Despite residing in a Ksh. 70,000 per month apartment in Nairobi, he opts to pay the entire year’s rent upfront, totaling approximately Ksh. 1.4 million. Such financial decisions underscore Mulamwah’s astute management of his wealth and commitment to long-term investments.