“Amevaa Crop Top Ya Zuchu”: Fans React On Diamond Platnumz Dress Code

Hours after introducing new artist in WCB – Wasafi, D-Voice Ginii, fans have analysed Diamond’s dress code on the day  as funny and improper.

On the eve day for Wasafi group to introduce new artist, Diamond Platnumz put on a yellow – flowered short, black “crop top” like attire and celebrity shoes.

This according to the video shared by WCB- Wasafi on Instagram, fans not only put focus on D-Voice but also Diamond’s dress code on the event.

Many questioned whoever dressed Simba before showing up to the event as unconcerned person who needs to style up.

On comment analysis, some alleged Diamond put on Zuchu’s crop top following dating speculations that have been going around social media.

Bill Angels: Amevaa Crop top ya Zuchu.

Classic: Mond kampokonya Zuu crop top.

AnnieSimba wetu kavaa crop top.

Mary CuteAliyemvalisha Mondi akamatwe na Wazaramo wamseme adi afe.

Diamond in a dress alleged to be Zuchu’s crop top/ photo Courtesy

The concerned with his dress code, further urged him to value moral codes of fans and stop displaying his legs to the public as a revered icon.

Fai-bbwHicho kibuka na iyo miguu, Wasafi wote mmechoka.

Tajiri MouMmeona miguu ya Mond?

Jordyjoise: Hiyo nguo ya Diamond inaitwa Haujui.

Chimashagra: Cmba afanye gym ya miguu kaah

KunyumbaSasa hii koti ya braz Dangote aliiona au ndiyo swag

In the WCB- Wasafi, the introduction of D-Voice makes him join Zuchu, Lava Lava, Mbosso and Queen Darleen as an amateur Singeli artist who Diamond describe as a talented and visionary person.