Andrew Kibe: Akothee is not Wife Material, She Will Use Omosh and Dump Him. -

Andrew Kibe: Akothee is not Wife Material, She Will Use Omosh and Dump Him.

Andrew Kibe, a renowned content creator based in the USA, consistently resorts to violence in his criticism. Recently, Kibe directed his negative remarks towards Esther Akothee, popularly known as Madam Boss. This time, Kibe chose to focus on Akothee’s relationships, asserting that they always end in turmoil.

Kibe argues that Akothee lacks the qualities of a suitable wife, evident from the fact that her previous relationships ended in distress before her marriage to Omosh. According to Kibe, Akothee employed deceptive tactics, feigning humility, to win Omosh over. However, since receiving a positive response from the Swiss gentleman, Akothee has resorted to flaunting her true colors on the internet.

Akothee has been engaged in public disputes with various individuals, a behavior that Kibe believes contradicts the virtues of humility and composure expected from a wife. Kibe predicts that Omosh will experience similar circumstances as Akothee’s previous boyfriend, Nelly Oaks.

Expressing his opinion, the controversial content creator states that Akothee is an excessively controlling woman. Kibe firmly believes that she exercises control over Omosh, influencing his every action. To Kibe, this is a clear warning sign, and he advises Omosh to brace himself for an eventual breakup.

In conclusion, Kibe maintains that Akothee will inevitably exploit Omosh’s presence, utilizing him for her own gains, only to discard him afterward. He compares Omosh’s potential fate to that of Akothee’s ex, Nelly Oaks, who struggles to find another girlfriend due to how he was mistreated by Akothee.