Mulamwah: ” I am a proud father to Keilah and Oyando junior, I want to add 2 more children.

I am a proud father to Keilah and Oyando Junior, two wonderful children who bring immense joy and purpose to my life. If God allows, I aspire to expand my family further by having two more children. Family is a cornerstone of my existence, and I am committed to nurturing and growing mine with love, care, and dedication.

As the first Luhya celebrity to successfully maintain a peaceful polygamous family, I feel a profound sense of accomplishment. Polygamy, when approached with respect and understanding, can be harmonious and fulfilling. I live peacefully with my bestie Ruth K, and together we have created a loving and supportive home environment. Our bond is strong, and we are partners in every sense, working together to raise our children with shared values and principles.

In addition, I am thrilled to share that we are on the verge of reuniting with Carol Sonnie to build an even larger and more united family. Carol Sonnie is an integral part of our family dynamic, and I am committed to ensuring that she feels supported and valued. For now, she enjoys a monthly baby mama allowance of 200,000 Ksh, which I ensure is provided without delay. This allowance is a testament to my commitment to our child and to Carol, reflecting my desire to maintain stability and support for everyone involved.

Family, for me, extends beyond the conventional definitions. It is about creating a network of love, respect, and mutual support. My fans, who have been a constant source of encouragement, are also part of this extended family. I am deeply grateful for your unwavering support and prayers. Your belief in me and my vision for a harmonious family fuels my resolve to keep pushing forward, to keep striving for a better future for my children and loved ones.

In response to those who wonder about the possibility of reuniting with Carol Sonnie, I want to emphasize that our focus is on building a bigger, more connected family. Reuniting with Carol is not just a possibility; it is a step towards a more inclusive and cohesive family unit. Our collective goal is to provide a nurturing and loving environment for our children, and every decision we make is guided by this principle.

Thank you all for your love and support. Keep praying for my family as we navigate this journey together, always striving for peace, unity, and happiness. I love you all, and I am confident that with your prayers and positive energy, we will continue to thrive and grow as a family.