“Wananiacha Sana ” Willy Paul Vows To Stay Single In 2024 After Breakup Drama With Miss P

Willy Paul, having faced serious accusations, including rape, and enduring public scrutiny initiated by Miss P, is determined to steer clear of relationship dramas in the upcoming year.

In his New Year’s resolution, Willy Paul emphatically declared his decision to remain single, asserting that he believes no woman is worthy of his love and affection.

In a New Year’s message to his followers, Willy Paul stated, “Happy New Year To You All! This Year I’m staying single Kabisa! No Woman Deserves My Love And Affection Period!! Nikuenda Kabisa!! I’ve Experienced Enough Disrespected With This So Called Women!! So Mapenzi Na Pozze Hapana, Can Never Be Me! The Only Loyal Women In My Life Are My Mum And Daughter!!”

The controversy surrounding Willy Paul and Miss P emerged in August 2021 when Miss P made sensational allegations of rape, claiming that it occurred multiple times while she was under his Saldido record label.

However, during an interview with YouTuber Nicholas Kioko in April 2023, Miss P confessed to fabricating the rape accusations against Willy Paul.

Despite the lack of evidence supporting the initial allegations, Willy Paul faced severe backlash and judgment from the public.

Calls for Willy Paul to sue Miss P for defamation have been persistent due to the aftermath of the false rape accusations. Nonetheless, Willy Paul decided against legal action, expressing that he still harbors feelings of love for Miss P.

A brief reconciliation occurred between Miss P and Willy Paul in April 2023, only to end in another breakup by July of the same year.

After parting ways with Miss P, Willy Paul encouraged interested women to take the initiative and express their interest, emphasizing the fleeting nature of time. On Instagram, he posted, “Ladies, Since Miss P And Myself Are No Longer Together, I Highly Encourage You To Shoot Your Shot Now. The List Is Long. Remember, Time Waits For No Lady. 😃 😊 😀.”

Since the breakup with Miss P, Willy Paul has remained single.