Massage By Steve: A Man Offered me Ksh.260,000 To have TWATWA on Massage Bed

Steve’s massage services gained widespread recognition online when his videos, showcasing him providing massages to women in the nude, went viral. This was an uncommon phenomenon in Kenya, where massage therapists typically refrain from sharing such content. However, with this newfound fame, Steve encountered various challenges.

In an interview with Nicholas Kioko, Steve disclosed one of the hurdles he faced: unwanted attention from men who developed crushes on him. Despite asserting his heterosexuality, Steve expressed his surprise at the influx of advances from gay men. He revealed that numerous individuals flooded his inbox, tempting him with substantial sums of money to engage in intimate encounters.

Steve recounted a specific instance where a man offered him Ksh.260,000 for a single night together, claiming that his life would change if Steve accepted the proposal. Firm in his orientation, Steve turned down the offer, emphasizing his exclusive attraction to women.

Another challenge Steve highlighted was the occasional request for intimacy during deep massage sessions with female clients. Despite acknowledging the moments of heightened tension, he assured that he maintained strong control over the situation. Steve asserted that he never allowed personal desires to interfere with his professionalism. He made it clear that he respected all his clients and firmly avoided any inappropriate conduct, ensuring that the line between business and pleasure remained distinct.