My Manager fired me because I refused to give him sex, but he did not know he was messing with the wrong girl

My name is Vivian and six months ago, I moved from my old job to a new one because I felt like I wanted a new challenge in my life. I was still young in my career and I thus wanted to grow in every area.

I got a good job as communication personnel in a five-star hotel and the salary was also good. I, was, however, in three-month probation before I could actually get fully hired. I knew I would ace the job since I had been in the field for a few years and I knew how it ran. Black Couple Fighting Images – Browse 48,656 Stock Photos, Vectors, and  Video | Adobe Stock

Two weeks after my job, the hotel’s manager started coming to my office frequently just to make senseless stories with me. A few days later he came right to me and touched my behind and I almost gave him a slap. He told me that if I wanted to pass the probation all I had to do was to have sex with him and he would ensure my job would be intact.

I was so disgusted by his behaviour and I asked him to leave my office. He continued making the demands and I firmly told him I was not interested. Unfortunately, a week later, he asked the Human Resource to fire me and accused me of being incompetent.

I went home very devastated and mad at that manager for using his powers wrongly. I called my best friend while crying and told her the real reason I had been fired and she told me not to worry. She said a traditional herbalist by the name Doctor Mugwenu would help me teach the mannerless manager a lesson.

I called the doctor and he asked me to see him on the day that followed. He cast a spell of plagues such that the manager would be so disturbed that he would have to look for me.

Doctor Mugwenu’s spells worked like wildfire because exactly the next day, the manager called me and told me he was being tortured by acoustic voices which ordered him to hire me back. His whole family had fallen sick within  24 hours.

I gave him a set of conditions for me to forgive me and one of the conditions was for him to resign. He did so a few days later and I was rehired as the manager. He regretted ever messing me.

Black Couple Fighting Images – Browse 48,656 Stock Photos, Vectors, and  Video | Adobe Stock

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