Somebody Please Heart Break Trio Mio Real Quick, Kibe On Trio Mio -

Somebody Please Heart Break Trio Mio Real Quick, Kibe On Trio Mio

Podcaster Andrew Kibe has been on record for giving whips to influential Kenyans from cabinet Secretaries to upcoming artists.

Today kibe decided that his whips lash at Kenya’s youngest and fast growing rapper Trio Mio.

Taking to his YouTube the podcaster seems to be yearning for the lady who is in trio Mio’s life to heart break him.

”Nikama amepleka file ya heartbreak heaven akambia God take this file God akamwambia just hold on” said Kibe telling Trio that her new bae will be taken away from him by a mubaba real quick.

He further used his favorite term ”deki”alleging that Trio Mio is being disturbed by his manhood and only a heart break will teach him a lesson.

Trio Mio’s gilfriend who is identified as Shanara was officially introduced to the public by the rapper.

Here are some of the reactions from Kibes followers

”Stepehen Kimani ”I can see the kiokoto awaiting trio🤣 juu mm kuokotwa nimepitia this weekend 🥲😂😂wacha tu kifeee where are my whips”

”Fay Liz ”Eti kadeki kanamwambia enda Kila mahali 😂😂😂😂”

”Let me send a M’baba to you… there’s a m’baba who’s gon fuliza that chick quick fast 😂😂😂😂😂😂”

Kanja Katam Katam Hata hutu tutoto hatujachukua ID bado tunakusumbua surely? Heshimu hiyo kipara yako jameni

Trio Mio is yet to respond to Kibe’s sentiments.