Thee Pluto Asks Felicity For Another Baby “Zoey Needs A Sibling”

Kenyan forex trader and digital content creator Thee Pluto recently hinted to his wife, Felicity, about the possibility of expanding their family with a second child.

During one of their routine days, Felicity initiated a conversation on her YouTube vlog, discussing her husband’s apparent eagerness for another baby. She expressed her belief that as parents, they should plan the timing and spacing of their children thoughtfully as a couple.

In the vlog, Thee Pluto responded by recalling a recent incident when they were leaving for work and their daughter, Zoey, was inconsolably crying. Reflecting on this moment, he suggested that Zoey’s apparent loneliness indicated a need for a sibling to keep her company.

“Today, as we were heading out for work, Zoey was in tears. She clearly doesn’t like being left alone. It’s moments like these that make me think having another child would provide her with companionship,” Thee Pluto remarked.

These discussions arose shortly after Felicity expressed her desire for another baby while cherishing moments with their daughter, Zoey. Sharing a heartwarming video on her Instagram page, Felicity showcased the bond between her and Zoey, hinting at the possibility of expanding their family.

“Why do I suddenly feel the urge for another baby? Maybe baby number two is on the horizon? @thee_pluto, I absolutely adore this,” she wrote alongside the video.

The couple currently shares the joy of parenting their daughter, Zoey, who is nearing her second birthday.