'DJ Fatxo' Responds To Claims Linking Him To Geoffrey Mwathi's Mystery Death -

‘DJ Fatxo’ Responds To Claims Linking Him To Geoffrey Mwathi’s Mystery Death

During a media briefing on Sunday, DJ Fatxo, a popular Kikuyu entertainer, refuted any involvement in the death of interior designer Geoffrey Mwathi, also known as Jeff. Jeff died under mysterious circumstances while staying at DJ Fatxo’s Redwood apartment on Thika Road. DJ Fatxo expressed his willingness to collaborate with detectives to shed light on the matter.

The DJ informed the press at Greenspot Gardens that he had known Jeff since 2021 as he used to buy shoes from him. He added that he had met Jeff several times and purchased many pairs of sneakers from his shop. On the day of the incident, the DJ left his apartment with three ladies and returned three hours later to find Jeff missing. He went to the police station to report Jeff’s disappearance.

DJ Fatxo also responded to accusations of not mourning Jeff, asserting that he had contacted the family and offered to contribute to the burial arrangements. He stated that he could not attend the funeral as he was not sure of his safety. Furthermore, he claimed to have called the family at least eight times and even had his mother try to reach them.

Detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations are investigating Jeff’s death, with claims that he fell from a window in DJ Fatxo’s house. CS Kindiki issued a statement instructing the DCI boss to involve homicide detectives to investigate the matter. The DCI has confirmed taking over the case.

DJ Fatxo is willing to cooperate with the detectives and anyone else present to determine the truth.