“Don't leave your brëästs hanging all over"- Loise Kim to ladies. -

“Don’t leave your brëästs hanging all over”- Loise Kim to ladies.

Gospel musician, Loise Kim has adviced ladies to love themselves and stop acting desperate.

Loise on her facebook page said that ladies should never wait for men to take care of them.

In a long post, Kim said that ladies should learn how to dress well, work hard and look good.

“Hey woman, don’t wait for a
man to come take care of you, if you don’t care for yourself,” She said.

“ Don’t act desperate, don’t leave your breast hanging all over, look good for yourself, work hard for yourself, take yourself for a treat.”

“Give every man In the board room an eye to know your wrong address so that when a man gets you, they know they got a catch,” Kim stated.

She simply told ladies to love themselves.