Daddy Owen finally Reveals nature of his relationship with Charlene Ruto

Daddy Owen, the acclaimed musician, recently found himself amid speculation regarding his association with Charlene Ruto, the daughter of Kenya’s President, William Ruto.

Pictures uploaded by Daddy Owen three weeks ago went viral, depicting the duo engaged in a game of basketball. These images sparked rumors, leading many netizens to speculate that there might be more than just a casual friendship between them.

In a brief phone interview with Ankali Ray, a presenter at Milele FM, on November 8, Daddy Owen took the opportunity to address the swirling rumors and clarify the nature of his relationship with Charlene.

Initially, the conversation began with general inquiries about Daddy Owen’s current activities and well-being. Responding positively, Daddy Owen seemed unaware of the larger question looming ahead.

However, Ankali Ray, known for his straightforward approach, quickly delved into the topic that had captured the public’s attention: the nature of Daddy Owen’s relationship with Charlene Ruto.

Ankali bluntly asked, “But how is Charlene doing? Daddy, tell us the truth, is Charlene all good?”

Caught off guard by the directness of the question, Daddy Owen opted for caution rather than divulging personal details. He urged Ankali Ray to steer clear of certain topics, stressing the importance of respecting boundaries. Daddy Owen expressed concern for Ray, viewing him as a brother and not wanting him to face repercussions for discussing sensitive matters.

“These topics? Brother, you know there are some things that shouldn’t be talked about. Some are serious issues… Let’s not go there. You’re my brother, I wouldn’t want to drag you into trouble,” Daddy Owen replied.

Despite Ankali Ray pressing for clarity on his relationship with Charlene, Daddy Owen firmly stated that they share a friendship and collaborate professionally. He highlighted the various projects they’re working on together, emphasizing that not every interaction implies romantic involvement.

“No, it’s just work. Besides being friends, we have many projects we’re working on together… Not every time you see me with someone, they have to be a romantic interest,” he clarified.

Acknowledging his two-decade tenure in the entertainment industry, Daddy Owen understands the public’s curiosity and the speculation surrounding celebrity relationships. He accepts the nature of fans’ inquiries and the ongoing interest that accompanies being in the public eye.

“I understand people’s questions and everything. I’ve been in this industry for 20 years, so I understand those questions,” he acknowledged.

When asked about Charlene’s relationship status, Daddy Owen diplomatically redirected the question, indicating that it’s up to Charlene herself to address such personal matters. He emphasized the modern trend of allowing individuals to speak for themselves regarding their personal lives.

“You know, that’s a very tricky question you’ve asked. Nowadays, we’ve decided that everyone speaks for themselves,” he concluded.