Kennedy Rapudo: I’m With Amberay Because of ‘ Nyash’, Akizubaa Nampea Mimba Ya Pili. -

Kennedy Rapudo: I’m With Amberay Because of ‘ Nyash’, Akizubaa Nampea Mimba Ya Pili.

Kennedy Rapudo, the fiancé and father of Amberay’s child, recently opened up about the reasons behind his love for Amberay and the circumstances surrounding their pregnancy during an interview with Oga Obinna.

In the interview, Kennedy Rapudo candidly shared that he had taken the initiative to pursue a romantic relationship with Amberay. He revealed that he had made advances towards her on more than two occasions before finally succeeding on the third attempt.

According to Rapudo, each time he approached Amberay in the past, she was already in a relationship. However, in 2022, his persistence paid off, and he was granted the opportunity to date Amberay. It was during this period that he intentionally decided to start a family with her by getting her pregnant.

Rapudo disclosed that it took only four months for him to achieve this goal. He took deliberate and conscious steps to make Amberay pregnant and later convinced her to keep the child, attributing their union to a divine plan.

When asked about the longevity of his relationship with Amberay, Rapudo attributed it to his honesty and authenticity. He emphasized that he had never pretended to be someone he wasn’t, unlike her previous partners. Rapudo not only admired Amberay’s personality but also expressed his love for her curvaceous physique and alluring features.

He openly appreciated her body figure, proclaiming her as the woman of his dreams. Rapudo also shared his desire to expand their family further, expressing his intention to make Amberay pregnant again. He expressed a desire for two children and looked forward to enjoying their youthful years together, filled with joyful moments and celebrations.