"Mkikuyu amenimaliza," Frank Rahma cries about Kikuyu Ex-wife Murugi Making him very broke -

“Mkikuyu amenimaliza,” Frank Rahma cries about Kikuyu Ex-wife Murugi Making him very broke

Social media has been abuzz with discussions surrounding content creator Frank Knarf’s recent revelation about his financial struggles following a three-year relationship with his Kikuyu wife, Murugi.

The Belgian national, known for his controversial persona, took to his social media platforms to candidly discuss his financial predicament. In a video shared online, Frank expressed his dismay over the state of his finances, despite his relatively brief time with his Kikuyu wife.

In the brief video clip, which was made public by Public News, Frank appeared visibly downcast. He alternated between glancing forlornly away from the camera and directly at it, often resting his head on his hand in apparent distress.

In his caption, he penned, “After spending three years with a Kikuyu lady, I find myself in dire financial straits… I’ve come to the realization that I gave too much to the wrong person.”

The post generated significant reactions, particularly on Mpasho News, where a majority of Kenyans seemed unsurprised by the unfolding situation. Many believed that Frank shouldn’t have expected a different outcome from his relationship with a Kikuyu woman. Some of the responses included:

  • @Mercy Netia: “We’re thankful that you’re still standing despite those ladies from the mountain. 🥺🥺🥺”
  • @Maurize Baraza: “Kikuyu lady, you’ve represented us exceptionally well. 😍😍😍”
  • @Emma Jayden: “Murugi, you’ve done an outstanding job representing the daughters of Mumbi.”
  • @James Jymo: “Our Kikuyu ladies never fail to impress. 🤣🤣 They’re on fire. 🔥🔥🔥🔥”
  • @Princess Zaria: “We’re grateful that you’re still able to speak; otherwise, you could have been in a difficult situation. But let’s reflect, what issues arise with Kikuyu ladies?”

Frank and Murugi exchanged vows in an intimate ceremony attended by close friends and family members two years ago. The couple has a daughter together.

Amid rumors of separation, Frank had previously asserted his right to have multiple partners, as long as he treated them with love and respect. He emphasized that he was committed to fulfilling his responsibilities, even if Murugi chose to end their relationship.

Earlier this year, the couple confirmed their breakup when Frank introduced his second wife, Rahma. Subsequently, he traveled to Belgium to be with his new wife and children.

Regarding his decision, Frank explained that his Kenyan wife, Murugi, had no grounds for complaint. He highlighted that he had provided her with a comfortable life, a pleasant home, a car, and all necessary amenities.