Why “Baba Gloria” Is Trending on Twitter

Why “Baba Gloria” Is The Latest Internet Sensation’VIRAL on Twitter’

On the off chance that you are not in the loop yet, a certain “Baba Gloria” is the latest viral thing on social media platforms.

The Tuesday afternoon discussion was started by a fairly disturbing WhatsApp screen shot which immediately turned into a web sensation.

From the screenshot, members of a WhatsApp group were left stupefied after one of its members accidentally sent an inappropriate picture amidst of fundraising discussions.

In the sad case of “Too Little Too Late”, Baba Gloria as identified from his WhatsApp profile name, was immediately advised by some of the members in “Mr Njuki Sendoff Group” to quickly pull down the picture.

Here are some hilarious reactions by netizens

Baba Gloria Video

A video has leaked on WhatsApp group showing people eating each other seriously.Baba Gloria is the man who shared the video by mistake.

The Group was created to fundraise for one of the family members who gave up the ghost but Baba Gloria decided to show the rest what he does when he is alone. He received it from one of his friends through WhatsApp.

Being a novice in technology, Githingi aka Baba Gloria was unable to delete the video. Members downloaded it and shared among none members

Meanwhile,Baba Gloria has requested to be removed from the group after spoiling other members.