Kiambu Woman Brutally Killed, Body Dumped In A Cow Shed.

An 81-year-old woman in Karambaini village, Limuru-Kiambu County has been killed and her body dispossed off in the most disrespectful way.

The lady identified as Margaret Ngina was killed and her body dumped in a cattle shed with family members saying that she was found lying on the dung on Tuesday with head injuries.

Her body was found by a resident who was looking for casual labor at her home.

It is reported that the man found her body after trying to call her phone which went unanswered and heard it ringing at the shed.

According to reports by a neighbor, Joseph Maina, the herds man who is the main suspect was heard saying that the lady had disrespected him and he was going to do something to teach her a lesson.

The heardsman is said to have been accused of theft and was fired on Tuesday evening and expected to leave the deceased’s homestead on Wednesday.

“Jana alionekana amekasirika akisema cucu hawezi mfanya hivo ataona venye atamfanya hawezi bebwa hivo,” the neighbors quoted the suspect.

The case has been confirmed by Limuru Deputy OCPD, Anthony Gitonga who said that they are in hot pursuit of the suspect.

Margaret’s body was transfered to the Tigoni Mortuary.