Drama in Kakamega as ‘ Dead Man’  Returns Home 2 Days After His Burial.

In a startling turn of events, Kakamega County, specifically in Khwisero sub-county, bore witness to a profoundly unsettling incident within one of its villages. The narrative unfolded around Joseph Alucheri, a man of middle age, whose return home after two days of his supposed burial shook the community to its core.

Initially, the family had been convinced of Joseph’s demise, misled by the identification of another deceased individual as him, endorsed by elders and select family members. This misidentified body was tragically discovered discarded in the waters of River Yala. After a cursory examination, the grieving family, despite their modest means, opted against an expensive post-mortem, proceeding instead with funeral arrangements, believing they were bidding farewell to Joseph.

However, the unexpected occurred when Joseph himself reappeared in the village, having learned of his purported death while away in Nairobi. His arrival dispelled any doubts—Joseph was undeniably alive, and the family had inadvertently interred the wrong individual.

Though initially met with incredulity, the truth eventually prevailed, as both family and villagers came to accept Joseph’s resurrection. According to local customs, Joseph’s return posed a unique challenge; the wrongly buried body must be exhumed and returned to the mortuary for proper cleansing rituals to dispel the lingering specter of death.

In light of these circumstances, the family has implored governmental assistance in rectifying the situation, underscoring the urgent need to retrieve and relocate the deceased body for the requisite ceremonial procedures.