Man who killed his girlfriend for calling him a lazy youth refuses to marry her corpse.

A middle aged man who is accused of killing his girlfriend after she called him lazy has refused to marry the corpse.

The 24-year-old Nigerian identified as Saliu Ladayo was arrested and jailed in 2018 for the capital crime where he is said to have killed his 19-years-old girlfriend.

He allegedly stabbed her in May after calling him a lazy youth and later blamed the devil for the act.

The family of the late has since insisted that he must marry the corpse warning him of dire consequences if he fails to.

“You must follow us to our state, Imo, where the wedding will be carried out like a normal wedding, with wedding gowns, rings and even the payment of bride price before she could be buried, “the girl’s family had told him.

It is reported that the suspect had agreed but later changed his mind.The mother to the suspect however defended her soon saying;

“We have asked them to bring money to perform the rites without them but they have not shown up, while the corpse of our daughter has been lying in the mortuary for eight months.