50 Eregi Girls Students Hospitalized ,As Parents Demand For Answers

Eregi Girls High School finds itself in the midst of a severe health crisis as over 50 students have been hospitalized due to a mysterious ailment that has left them struggling with mobility issues.

The outbreak has sparked deep concerns among the student body, parents, and school officials, leading to a comprehensive investigation to uncover the cause and provide swift medical attention.

Affected students, all exhibiting similar symptoms, were urgently transported to Kakamega County General Hospital as they began experiencing difficulties with walking, accompanied by weakness and dizziness. Medical teams and health authorities are diligently working to determine the root cause of this troubling condition.

Principal Jane Muthoni expressed her profound worry regarding the situation, emphasizing the paramount importance of the students’ well-being. She stated, “Our primary concern lies with the health of our students. It’s truly distressing to witness them in this state. We are collaborating closely with healthcare experts and authorities to find solutions and ensure their rapid recovery.”

Parents of the affected students gathered at the hospital, their anxiety palpable as they sought answers about their children’s condition. Mary Njeri, a concerned mother, asserted, “We demand explanations. Our daughters were perfectly healthy when they left for school. This illness seems to have appeared out of nowhere, and we urgently need to understand its origins.”

In response to the crisis, the Kakamega County Health Department dispatched a team of medical specialists to investigate the outbreak. Initial tests are underway to rule out any infectious diseases. Dr. Samuel Kipruto, the county health director, reassured parents and the community that every possible measure is being taken to uncover the cause of the illness. He affirmed, “We are approaching this situation with the utmost seriousness. We have gathered samples for testing, and our team is working in close collaboration with the school to gather information about the students’ activities and any potential sources of exposure.”

Local authorities have also called for calm among the public and emphasized the importance of preventive measures while the investigation is ongoing. They have advised students to promptly report any symptoms to the school nurse.

In a separate development, some upset parents have converged on the school premises, seeking answers from the school principal regarding their daughters’ situation. They expressed frustration over what they perceived as the principal’s unresponsiveness to their inquiries.