Kibaki’s Grandson defends ex- President Uhuru’s son, Jomo In Gun Saga.

The grandson to late Former President Mwai Kibaki , Sean Andrews has come out to defend the Kenyatta Family In the recent gun saga involving the Son of retired president Uhuru kenyatta,Jomo John Kenyatta saying that the family was unfairly targeted.

In an interview Sean Andrews , he said that his thoughts do not mean that he is taking any political side as he his not interested in political at all adding that he can help people without necessarily being in political limelight.

“Jomo is someone I know personally, and I think he was unfairly targeted. I’m not gonna pick sides politically or anything, but I think Jomo is innocent, and so is Mama Ngina. They should not have targeted anyone,” Andrew said.

The Kenyatta’s have in the past few weeks been on the headlines, as senior members of the government have accused the former President Uhuru Kenyatta of funding Azimio led anti government protests in the country.

A matter that led to the Withdrawal of Security personnel Guarding the Former first lady Mama Ngina kenyatta as well as security guarding Azimio La Umoja Coalition Leaders including some Members of parliament and Four Azimio Governors.

“I have now been forced to hire the services of private security. My family is taking measures to ensure we are all safe,” said Uhuru.

Sean Andrew said he believes it is unfair to target Jomo and his grandmother Ngina, and urged the state to find a solution by holding talks with the opposition.