“I Thought nitakuwa Married By Now”: 34-Year-Old Virgin Cries Out After Bragging About Her Virginity

Zukiswa Joyi, a woman from South Africa, has expressed her disappointment at not being married at her age despite maintaining her virginity.

On her 34th birthday, which falls on September 10, 2023, Zukiswa shared her thoughts on Facebook. She revealed that she had expected to be fulfilling her marital responsibilities at her husband’s home by this age, but destiny had other plans for her.

Despite this unexpected turn of events, Zukiswa is determined to defy any societal pressure related to her age and marital status. She firmly believes that her commitment to maintaining her virtue will not be in vain. She is confident that, by continuing to lead an elegant and purposeful life, her circumstances will eventually change.

In her Facebook post, Zukiswa conveyed her surprise at reaching 34 as a virgin, expressing her initial expectations of being happily married by now. However, she emphasized her reliance on faith and trust in a higher power, stating that no biological clock or societal timeline will dictate her journey. Zukiswa sees the passage of time as a graceful progression, akin to aging like fine wine, attributing her current situation to the divine work of the Holy Spirit.