“Kazi Ilikuwa Raundi Moja PEKEE,Kunyamba Na Kukimbia Uchi Kwa Nyumba Ukisema Bazuu” Prude Opens Up On Divorcing Journalist Willis Raburu

Marya Prude has refuted allegations that Willis Raburu, a media personality, was the one who ended their relationship. She asserts that she initiated the separation after realizing that her former partner couldn’t meet her sexual desires in the bedroom.

In a recorded statement provided to muranganewspaper, Marya reminisces about the day she unintentionally fell in love with the TV personality. She said, “He assured me he could satisfy me, though I had my doubts initially. But as time passed, I became increasingly unsatisfied.”

Marya Prude has been candid about Willis Raburu’s bedroom performance, referring to him as “Mr. One-Round.”

“That man was utterly disappointing. It was just one round, followed by excuses and disappearing around the house, claiming exhaustion,” Marya Prude revealed to one of our reporters.

Marya Prude’s revelation comes months after Willis Raburu’s marriage to another woman.