Chipukeezy rushed to hospital while in critical condition as Itumbi issues update

Comedian Chipukeezy’s much-anticipated event has been delayed due to an unexpected health emergency that led to his hospitalization in critical condition.

In a recent update provided by his brother, Duke Mike, it was shared that Chipukeezy is responding positively to the treatment he is receiving.

“To all our cherished friends, fans, and beloved family, we send you warm wishes and love. Your unparalleled support throughout this decade-long comedic journey means the world to us,” the statement expressed.

Regrettably, the event “Ten Toes Down,” originally scheduled for August 5th, 2023, has been postponed due to the unprecedented and unavoidable health circumstances Chipukeezy is facing. However, a new date for the show will be announced as soon as he makes a full recovery.

“We deeply appreciate your understanding, patience, and unwavering support during this challenging time. Your prayers are invaluable to us. Asanteni Sana. May God bless you all,” the update from Duke Mike concluded.

Dennis Itumbi, a digital strategist, visited Chipukeezy in the hospital and shared an encouraging update on his condition.

“Last night, Chipukeezy was admitted to the hospital, and I had the opportunity to speak with him. We are pleased with the progress he’s making with his treatment, and the medical team is doing an excellent job. He’s no longer dependent on machines and has been moved to the regular ward. Given the circumstances, we have decided, in consultation with the doctors, to postpone the August 5th show. We will announce the new date once Chipukeezy has fully recovered and is out of the hospital,” Itumbi explained.