“Anataka nikufe aoe mwingine” – Kamene Goro pained by her hubby’s remarks -

“Anataka nikufe aoe mwingine” – Kamene Goro pained by her hubby’s remarks

Kamene Goro, a former Kiss FM personality, has recently made startling revelations about her marriage that have left people shocked. During an episode of the Kamene and Obinna podcast, she jokingly disclosed that her husband, DJ Bonez, desires her demise so that he can pursue a romantic interest in another woman.

While Kamene praised the beauty and humility of Trisha Khalid, she couldn’t help but express her deep anguish over the alleged statements made by DJ Bonez. “Trisha, you are a stunning and kind-hearted lady. But it pains me to know that Bonez wants me gone so he can be with you,” Kamene candidly stated, revealing her emotional turmoil.

Adding to the distress, Kamene Goro recently questioned her husband’s loyalty after he confessed that he would never physically defend her. This revelation occurred during a captivating YouTube episode, where the former radio presenter raised concerns about whether Bonez would stand up and fight for her.

Expressing her disappointment and disbelief, Kamene’s voice echoed with a mixture of frustration and sadness as she asked, “So if someone were to assault me, you wouldn’t defend me? You can’t fight for me?” Her frustration reached its peak when Bonez replied, “I can’t fight a man,” indicating his reluctance to engage in physical confrontations.

Bonez’s nonchalant response further infuriated Kamene, who couldn’t comprehend how he could suddenly claim an inability to fight for her after they got married. Overwhelmed by stress, she exclaimed, “Stop…you won’t fight for me,” expressing her disappointment in Bonez and feeling as though he had changed.

The seemingly dismissive attitude of DJ Bonez towards Kamene’s distress and his suggestion that physical confrontation should be reserved for professional boxers like Mike Tyson only intensified her anger. In a dazed and hopeless tone, she considered ending the episode, feeling let down by DJ Bonez and the apparent shift in their relationship.

The reactions from Kenyans on this matter have been varied. Some individuals, like Muyu Ke, perceive the situation as a clear red flag for Kamene. Others, such as browñy, believe that Kamene and DJ Bonez are incompatible, suggesting that Kamene had high expectations that were not met by her husband. Many observers, like Kanaga and Chogepurity, feel that the marriage is suffering, highlighting the potential challenges within their relationship. Lilian Juma wonders about the duration of their courtship and what might have prompted Kamene to marry DJ Bonez, as she can clearly hear the pain in Kamene’s voice. Miss Yula acknowledges that the statement made by DJ Bonez was meant as a joke, but she understands how it could have hurt Kamene deeply.

In conclusion, Kamene Goro’s revelations about her marriage and her husband’s alleged desires have caused a stir among the public. The incident has raised questions about DJ Bonez’s loyalty and compatibility within their relationship, prompting various reactions from Kenyans who are concerned about Kamene’s well-being.