Man Pleades Guilty To Having Sex In Broad Daylight At Uhuru Park.

A Nairobi man pleaded guilty to having sex in broad daylight at Uhuru Park.

Mr. Kanara Maina was slapped with a fine of Sh1,500 or serve a one-month jail term for engaging in the act with a lady identified as Joyce Wanjiku.

The duo was arrested over the weekend after they were found in the act and were released on a Sh500 bond.

A manhunt has been launched for Ms. Wanjiku who did not present herself in court.

Mr. Maina asked for forgiveness, saying that he will never repeat the offense.

“Your honor, ni damu ilichemka na singejizuia. Alafu mimi na Joyce hatukuwa tumepatana kwa muda. Sasa vile tulimeet, tukajipata, haiya tushamaliza na watu wanatuangalia. Ndio senses zikarudi,” he said.

(Your honour, our blood got hot and we could not control ourselves. Me and Joyce have not met for a while and when we met, we found ourselves in the act.)

City Court Chief Magistrate Roseline Ong’ayo said engaging in sex at the park is against county by-laws.The magistrate warned him not to repeat the offense.