Man Shocks Mortuary Attendants After he Was Caught licking Blood of a corpse

Man Caught licking Dead body’s Blood in Mortuary-Homabay

Wonders will never end. A 22 years man in Ndhiwa sub county visited the funeral home and requested to see the body of a man who had been preserved there.

After following the due process, he was permitted to see the body alongside the boda guy who had accompanied him.

After they were through, they were shown the exit and as they were moving out the man recognized the body of the of the ECDE teacher which had been laid on the cot.

The man proceeded to bow beside it and began licking the blood that was flowing since she had been shot by the assailants.

This attracted the attention of the morgue attendants who raised a alarm to the hospital security. He was arrested and handed over to the police for interrogation

As per the Homabay sub county head of criminal investigations Mrs Monica Berege,the man will continue to be detained as they interrogate him to know whether there was a relationship between his actions and the killing of the teacher.