” Kafukuswi Katatumiwa na Eve na Kawachwe” Andrew Kibe Predicted Mungai Eve and Trevor Breakup.

It appears that the relationship between Mungai Eve and Director Trevor is currently facing challenges. Following their involvement in a road accident on December 25th, the couple has noticeably refrained from being seen together, fueling speculation that they may have parted ways.

Director Trevor’s actions on social media seem to add weight to the breakup rumors. He has unfollowed Eve and has been showcasing his new house, suggesting that they may no longer be living together. Despite these signs, the couple has not officially announced their separation.

Andrew Kibe had foreseen trouble brewing and had warned Trevor to brace himself for a possible breakup. This caution came during Director Trevor’s initial interview, where Eve openly portrayed him as a vulnerable man, stating that he wasn’t ready for marriage. Kibe predicted that the relationship wouldn’t withstand the test of time, advising Trevor to be prepared for the worst. According to Kibe, once Eve finds someone capable of meeting her financial needs and fulfilling her desires, she is likely to end the relationship with Trevor for good.

Kibe made these observations at the start of 2023, and the current situation seems to align with his prophecy. Trevor and Mungai Eve are seemingly not on good terms. Although a close friend has disclosed that the couple is attempting to resolve their issues behind the scenes, the overall outlook suggests a strained relationship.