“I Gave John Matara Rosecoco In 2018, Mechi Ilikuwa Safi Lakini Karibu Aniue” Socialite Black Cinderella

Kenyan socialite, known by the pseudonym Black Cinderella, recently decided to share a harrowing account of her past involvement with John Matara, a notorious serial killer responsible for the murder of Starlet Wahu in an Airbnb.

According to Black Cinderella, her acquaintance with John Matara dates back to 2018 when he was still pursuing a career in music, and she was engaged as a video vixen. Matara, at the time, projected an image of being a charming and affable individual. The nature of their association took a disturbing turn when Matara proposed a deal involving paid intimacy.

Black Cinderella, despite her reservations, agreed to the arrangement, leading them to meet at Sabina Joy. Following some enjoyable moments, they retreated to a private space for a more intimate encounter. It was during this encounter that Matara abruptly turned violent, seizing her neck in an attempt to end her life.

In a sinister twist, Matara demanded that she contact her acquaintances and request funds, under the threat of her demise. Fortunately, at that particular juncture, Black Cinderella was grappling with financial difficulties, which dissuaded Matara from carrying out his murderous intentions. Astonishingly, he had three knives ready for the gruesome act.

Having spared her life, Matara proposed an alliance to Black Cinderella, suggesting that she bring affluent women to him for him to assault and rob. Thankfully, she managed to escape this perilous association when Matara absconded with her phone.

In a chilling revelation, Black Cinderella disclosed an incident from 2021 where she and her friends thwarted Matara’s nefarious plans. Residing in Kasarani with three other girls, they engaged in selling goods to men. Matara, once again assuming a façade of benevolence, offered one of her friends Ksh. 15,000 for an intimate rendezvous. However, his true intentions were sinister – to rob the lady.

Once inside the room, Matara resorted to violence, attempting to strangle the woman and threatening her life unless she handed over money. Fortunately, Black Cinderella and her two friends were nearby, promptly summoning BodaBoda riders who intervened and rescued the lady from Matara’s clutches. Upon his capture, Matara was found in possession of three knives.

Black Cinderella asserted that Matara had been perpetrating such crimes for over five years, recounting how five of her friends had suffered at his hands. Disturbingly, just days before murdering Starlet Wahu on January 3, 2024, Matara had subjected her best friend to torture on December 29, 2023. The revelation sheds light on the magnitude of the terror inflicted by this serial killer over an extended period.