"Kabla Mfikie Khaligraph, Mpitie Kwangu Niwapee Ngumi Nyeusi,"Stevo Simple Boy Dares Tanzanian Artists -

“Kabla Mfikie Khaligraph, Mpitie Kwangu Niwapee Ngumi Nyeusi,”Stevo Simple Boy Dares Tanzanian Artists

Kenyan rapper Stevo Simple Boy has now entered the ongoing online feud between Tanzanian and Kenyan rappers.

The artist behind “Freshi Barida” took to his Instagram story to express his intent to engage in the conflict, asserting that he’s prepared to make a significant impact on the Tanzanian artists and their finances.

In a bold move, he issued a challenge to the hip-hop musicians from Tanzania, suggesting that they should address him before targeting Khaligraph Jones.

In the midst of this, he urged Ngesh wa Vasha, the creator of the hit song “Kaveve Kazoze,” to assume the responsibility of responding to Rosa Ree instead of exhausting Khaligraph Jones.

Stevo conveyed his stance with the following words: “I’ve heard that you’re in a battle with us Kenyan rappers before you even reach @khaligraphjones, the original gangsta. Come through me first, and I’ll give you a taste of my fierce blows, a whirlwind of verses. Alright, @bando_tz, it seems you’re bundled up for a war, and @younglunya_tzs, you’re sporting the belt well. As for you, @ni_ngesh, let’s not tire out @khaligraphjones, respond to @rosaree, please.”

Stevo’s involvement in this matter arose subsequent to the release of a diss track by Tanzanian rap figure Rosaree, targeting Khaligraph Jones and asserting her position as the premier rapper in Africa.

The ongoing exchange originated when Khaligraph Jones issued a rap challenge to Tanzanian rappers, inviting them to produce impressive hip-hop tracks within a 24-hour span while asserting his dominance in the field.

Since then, multiple Tanzanian artists have taken issue with Khaligraph Jones for what they perceive as disrespect directed towards them.