SHOCK! Pastor closes a church After winning Ksh.100 Million Bet

If you thought you’d seen it all, prepare to be surprised. A Pastor in Uganda has stunned his congregation by deciding to close down his church, all thanks to his substantial winnings from sports betting.

Pastor Tim made this bold move after striking it big in the world of sports betting, amassing over 100 million in winnings (equivalent to Ksh 3,480,000).

According to the local residents, the man of God had been conducting numerous open-air crusades in the neighborhood. During these gatherings, he recounted a divine encounter he claimed to have had with the Almighty and even performed miraculous healings.

“We are also taken aback by this turn of events. Pastor Tim used to organize large-scale crusades in this area. He shared remarkable testimonies and grand visions, asserting that he was chosen by God as a representative of heaven on earth,” said one resident.

During an interview, the pastor’s revelations left many in astonishment. He confessed that his initial motivation for opening the church was not to save souls but to amass wealth.

“Let’s not deceive ourselves. I was enticed to start the church when I witnessed other pastors making millions by drawing massive crowds. That’s why I opened mine. I didn’t have a divine calling,” he admitted.

Pastor Tim went on to disclose that he turned to gambling when he realized that his dream of amassing wealth through his church was a distant illusion.

“All along, I had plans to shut down the church, but I decided to do it gradually since I depended entirely on the offerings for my sustenance,” he explained.

The once man of God turned Gambler began using the church offerings and tithes to place bets.

“About four years ago, I ventured into gambling. I would utilize the money I received from offerings and tithes to place bets on various platforms. Occasionally, I would concoct fictitious church projects to secure funds for weekend wagers,” he added.

Now, Pastor Tim is contemplating using his winnings to kickstart a new business venture.

“I’ve always been a businessman at heart. My true passion lies in the world of commerce. I intend to establish a substantial shop in a town quite distant from here. Additionally, I plan to acquire a luxurious car. It seems that God has finally smiled upon me,” he concluded.