Founder Of KIWI Shoe Polish And Its New Owners -

Founder Of KIWI Shoe Polish And Its New Owners

The founder of KIWI shoe polish was William Ramsay, a Scottish entrepreneur who invented the formula for KIWI shoe polish in 1906. The product quickly gained popularity due to its high quality and effectiveness, and it became a household name around the world.

KIWI shoe polish was initially produced and sold in Scotland, but as demand for the product grew, Ramsay established a factory in Australia and began exporting KIWI shoe polish to other countries. The company continued to expand and eventually became a global brand, with operations in multiple countries and a strong presence in the shoe care market.

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In the decades following Ramsay’s death, KIWI shoe polish was owned by a number of different companies. In the 1990s, the company was acquired by the Sara Lee Corporation, a multinational conglomerate with a diverse portfolio of consumer goods. Sara Lee invested in the brand, modernizing the production processes and introducing new product lines to keep up with changing consumer demand.

In the early 21st century, KIWI shoe polish was sold to the S. C. Johnson & Son company, a leading manufacturer of household cleaning and home care products. Under the ownership of S. C. Johnson & Son, KIWI shoe polish has continued to be a popular choice among consumers due to its high quality and wide range of products.

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Today, KIWI shoe polish is available in a variety of formulations and colors, and it is widely used to help extend the life of shoes and protect them from the elements. Despite facing competition from other shoe care brands, KIWI has remained a trusted and respected name in the industry thanks to its long history of innovation and dedication to producing high-quality products.