Kenya KMTC Diploma Now Same As Bachelors’ Degree

The Kenya Nationwide Qualifications Authority (KNQA) has declared that the higher diploma from the Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC) is now equivalent to a bachelor’s degree. The KMTC’s higher national diploma was therefore upgraded to KNQA level 7, putting it on the same level as a Certified Public Accountant III, Certified Public Secretary, or Master Craft Person I.

The KNQA’s decision was reached after evaluating the competency of KMTC graduates with the diploma certification. Previously, the authority only considered the number of credits earned, but now they take into account competency as well.

As a result of this change, KMTC graduates with the higher national diploma can now work as teachers in tertiary schools, and universities have the option of admitting them directly into master’s degree programs, but only for two-year programs that match the level of the diploma.

On the same note, a recent ruling by the Court of Appeal states that a Kenyan Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) mean grade of C+ is required to study law in Kenya, with a minimum grade of B in English or Kiswahili. This ruling was made in response to a case where a group of law graduates sued the Kenya School of Law for denying them admission to the Advocate Training Program due to their low grades.

However, the High Court dismissed the school’s requirements and ordered their admission, but the Court of Appeal overturned the decision, arguing that admitting candidates with low KCSE grades would affect the quality of advocates from the school. The court ultimately ruled that the requirements set by the Kenya School of Law were lawful and not discriminatory.