I Caught My Girlfriend Using Her Menstrual Blood To Cook My Food

A software engineer with a passion for art recently recounted a peculiar incident that led him to terminate his burgeoning relationship with his girlfriend. Chizom took to Twitter to share his story, responding to a survey inquiring about reasons men ceased communication with their romantic interests. Stumbling upon his tweet, he decided to shed light on his unsettling experience….CONTINUE READING

According to Chizom, he discovered his then-girlfriend attempting to cook rice for him using her menstrual blood. His revelation detailed the shocking scene of her washing her menstrual pad in the process of preparing the meal. He expressed his surprise upon returning home unannounced, catching her in the act. His tweet read, “The first time she was cooking for me, she washed off the blood from her menstrual pad and poured the water into the rice she was cooking for me. I came back home just to surprise her and caught her in the act.”

Apparently, the woman’s friends had encouraged her to incorporate her unhealthy period blood into her partner’s food, with the intention of spiritually gaining control over his life. Chizom emphasized the seriousness of his revelation by noting the lady’s Ghanaian origin and revealing that her friend had advised her to carry out this peculiar act.

Instances of such practices have occasionally been shared by several women, particularly in Africa, who have either engaged in similar acts or witnessed their friends resorting to such tactics to secure the affection of their partners. The belief is that incorporating menstrual blood into food will ensure the unwavering love and loyalty of the man, causing him to disregard other potential romantic interests and remain devoted with the mere snap of a finger.

Critics often label women who engage in these practices as gold diggers, accusing them of entering men’s lives solely to exploit them financially and subsequently abandoning them once their materialistic goals are achieved.