“Kimeumana” Cherera Woken Up To A Morning Shocker After What Koome Ordered Her To Do In One Hour

At the highest court in kenya the supreme court, introductions connecting with petitions filled regarding the general election are as yet going on. Different stakeholders have met up to give their reasons in the case that argues that Ruto’s victory for president was undeserving.

At that conversation are the IEBC, Azimio la Umoja, and Kenya Kwanza partners.

Interestingly, the fourcommissioners of the Independent Election and Boundary Commission (IEBC) are among the individuals who submitted petitions claiming that the election was unfairly conducted.
However, the chief justice Martha Koome has instructed the four commissioners to give additional submissions within the next hour. This came after these commissioners appeared to back the petition. In other words, Juliana Cherera, Francis Wanderi, Irene Cherop, and Justus Abony will need to make further reasons in support of their claims.

Nonetheless, Kenyans are anticipating the high court’s definitive decision on the overall election and the new president.