“Chuki Zenu Zitafanya Mukue Wachawi” – Esther Musila Comes Out To Defend Guardian Angel

Esther Musila found herself compelled to defend her husband from online trolls who were ridiculing their marriage. The couple has been subjected to constant criticism due to their significant age difference, leading to social stigma.

Guardian Angel, born on January 4, 1989, is 34 years old, while Esther Musila, born on May 25, 1970, is 53 years old. Despite their age gap, they have chosen to be together and face the challenges arising from societal prejudices.

Esther Musila is a mother of three children, two boys, and a girl, all of whom are aged 24 and above. While she has embraced her family life, she has been confronted with hurtful comments on social media about her marriage.

Recently, Musila posted a video on TikTok, and unfortunately, a user made a derogatory remark, referring to Guardian as her ‘houseboy.’ This insensitive comment prompted Esther to respond and defend her husband’s dignity.

In her reaction to the troll, Musila sternly warned her detractors about the consequences of their hatred and jealousy, likening their negativity to witchcraft. She urged them to let go of their animosity and embrace a more positive outlook.

It is essential to remember that public figures and celebrities like Esther Musila and Guardian Angel are also human beings, deserving of respect and understanding. Age should not be a basis for mockery or judgment in matters of love and relationships. Let us all strive to be kinder and more supportive of one another.