Single Ladies Attend a Retreat in Wedding Gowns to Ask God For Husbands Before the Year Ends

A viral video depicting unmarried women adorned in bridal attire during a prayer retreat has captured the interest of online users. The gathering, consisting of hundreds of women, was centered around fervent prayers and fasting, all in the hope of securing life partners before the year’s end.

The undated footage, originating from Nigeria, showcases the women dressed elaborately as brides, complete with intricate hairstyles and makeup. Holding bouquets in hand, they engage in heartfelt prayers, seeking divine intervention in their quest for marital companionship.

Here are some reactions from viewers:

“This truly embodies faith! May their heartfelt desires be fulfilled by Jehovah.”

“Interesting how there are men present; perhaps they too are praying for ideal life partners.”

“It seems they found each other without letting us know 😂.”

“If God could prioritize finding a spouse over helping someone in a coma, then maybe responding to that guy in your DM is a bit easier. These actions appear theatrical; focus on engaging with the person in your DM and shape the relationship as you desire.”