Manhunt For Husband After Ohangla Dancer Sheila Wegesha Found Murdered on going

Police in Athi River, Machakos County, are currently investigating the tragic homicide of Sheila Odoyo, a renowned Ohangla dancer better known as Sheila Wegesha.

The lifeless body of the 38-year-old was discovered in a disturbing scene, lying in a pool of blood with severe cuts to her throat, on her matrimonial bed in Hill View Estate.

Evidence of a struggle within the bedroom was apparent, yet neither her children nor neighbors reported hearing any disturbance.

“I’m the immediate neighbor, but I didn’t hear a thing… it was around seven when we heard the kids screaming,” stated Richard Chesebeh, a neighbor.

Authorities are focusing their attention on Sheila’s 45-year-old husband, Jackson Bamboo, who is currently being regarded as a person of interest in the brutal crime.

According to the deceased’s 18-year-old daughter, she learned of her mother’s death around 1 pm on Wednesday as she was preparing to serve her lunch.

The suspect, Bamboo, had left silently in the early hours of Wednesday, around 1 am.

“We only found out about everything during the day, and that’s when we reported to the police,” Chesebeh mentioned.

The vehicle used by Bamboo when he departed from his residence, a Mitsubishi Outlander, was later found abandoned in the Kencom area within Nairobi’s CBD.

Authorities suspect that Bamboo might have switched vehicles before disappearing entirely, with his last known signal traced to Narok.

The motive behind the murder remains elusive, with investigators delving into the complexities of a troubled marriage allegedly marked by suspected infidelity.

“You can never tell what happened on Thursday… there’s been a lot of talk, but when it comes to personal matters between two people, we can only speculate,” remarked businesswoman Hilda Risper.

In the aftermath of the tragedy, fans of the deceased expressed their grief on social media, remembering her as vibrant and passionate about Ohangla dance.

Both the victim and the suspect were co-owners of an entertainment establishment in Nairobi’s Umoja area.

“She was very active here, always hosting live bands, especially Ohangla artists… she was a lively person,” added Risper.

The deceased’s body was initially taken to Shalom Community Hospital morgue before being transferred by her family to Chiromo morgue on Friday, awaiting an autopsy.