Irene Nekesa: Diana Bahati’s is Highest-Paid Nanny In Kenya

Irene Nekesa is augmenting her monthly earnings of Ksh 100,000 through her active engagement on social media platforms.

As a housekeeper, Irene has transcended the conventional employer-employee relationship and become an integral part of the Bahati family. Having dedicated five years to her role, she has fostered a profound connection with every member of the family, children included.

During an interview, Irene shared that her employers, the Bahatis, have not only imparted savvy financial strategies to her but also motivated her to strive for greater achievements.

Diana Bahati has consistently expressed her deep affection for Irene, openly professing her love, trust, and the irreplaceable role Irene plays in their lives. Diana considers Irene a divine blessing and has no intention of parting ways with her.

In a televised interview with NTV, Irene revealed that the Bahatis have been instrumental in opening numerous social and financial doors for her. The news of this uplifting journey was even highlighted by Nairobi Gossip Club on their Instagram page.

The initiation of Irene into the realm of social media was orchestrated by her employer, Diana B. Irene actively participated in various content creation on different platforms, surprising many with the genuine bond she shares with the Bahati family.

Notably, Irene frequently features in Bahati’s videos, some of which are speculated to be staged, showcasing extravagant gifts exchanged between them, sparking skepticism among viewers. Her involvement extends to family vacations and events. It’s worth mentioning that a significant portion, 60% to be precise, of her income is derived from lucrative sponsorship deals.