Chris Brown Exited over Jalango’s Video, Shares it on Instagram

Jalang’o was ecstatic when his video clip was shared by renowned RNB pop star Chris Brown. The clip, which was five years old, served as a cherished memory of Jalango’s time at Hot 96, where he co-hosted the morning show with Jeff Koinange. During the show, Jalang’o entertained the audience by sharing and interpreting humorous quotes, which he playfully referred to as the ‘Mugabe school of quotes’.

In the video, Jalang’o humorously discusses Kenyan ladies, stating, “If you are ugly, you are ugly. Stop talking about inner beauty. Men do not walk around with X-rays to see your inner beauty.”

Throughout his career as a radio host at Kiss FM, Milele FM, and Hot 96, Jalang’o has been well-known for his comedic remarks. He recently disclosed his pursuit of a master’s degree and his attendance of aviation lessons alongside DJ Joe Mfalme, with the goal of obtaining a private pilot license.

Moreover, Jalang’o expressed his determination to become the first Luo president and revealed his plans to write a book titled ‘Satan Must Repent’. Additionally, he hinted at a potential return to radio, highlighting that he used to earn a higher salary as a radio host compared to his current position as a legislator.