JKA IMESIJA!!! Interesting Facts About Ngoni Wa Thuita
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Interesting Facts About Ngoni Wa Thuita – JKA IMESIJA!!!

Ngoni Wa Thuita is a radio presenter at Kameme Fm facilitating the ‘Kwigangara’ show together with Gathaiya Dennis, every day from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm apart from weekends. He is also among the top entertainers that are well known in the Central Kenya as he cracks people’s’ ribs which is clear from his show done in kikuyu dialect.

Aside from being on the radio, Ngoni is also an events organizer and an emcee. He is also an actor, famously known for his ‘Ole Matope’ role from Vitimbi in those days.

He has worked for different media houses from KBC to Milele Fm and presently Kameme Fm.

Ngoni is a family man and a blessed dad. Checking out him today, many will appreciate him today, many will admire him but the journey was not a smooth one having been a construction worker and a hawker back then.

He was able to sponsor himself for media studies by hawking baby’s clothes inspiring many not to despise humble beginnings as it is the small steps that matter.And the sky should never be a limit, we go up.