Mitchell Ntalami Denies Dating Fena Gitu, Reveals She is Adrosexual -

Mitchell Ntalami Denies Dating Fena Gitu, Reveals She is Adrosexual

In recent news, Kenyan musician and businessman Mitchell Ntalami has denied dating fellow musician Fena Gitu. In a statement to the press, Ntalami revealed that while he and Gitu have a close friendship and have collaborated on music projects, they are not romantically involved.

Ntalami also took the opportunity to open up about his own sexuality, revealing that he identifies as “adrosexual.” Adrosexuality, also known as “demisexual,” is a sexual orientation in which a person does not experience sexual attraction until a strong emotional bond is formed with a specific individual.

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“I am androsexual and that means I am attracted to men or masculine energy and so the men can shoot the shot since they are also in the bracket of who I am attracted to. People see me with a lady and assume that’s only what I like but that is not the case.”

Ntalami’s revelation has been met with both support and curiosity from fans and the public. Some have praised him for being open and honest about his sexuality, while others have expressed confusion about the concept of adrosexuality.

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Regardless of one’s personal beliefs about adrosexuality, it is important to respect Ntalami’s self-identification and honor his right to express himself in the way that feels true to him. Everyone deserves to be respected and accepted for who they are, and Ntalami’s decision to be open and honest about his sexuality is commendable.

It is also worth noting that Fena Gitu also had her take on the matter, she stated that they have a strong friendship but not dating and it should not be a topic of interest to the public.

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In conclusion, Mitchell Ntalami’s recent statement about his adrosexuality and relationship status with Fena Gitu serves as a reminder that everyone’s experiences with love and sexuality are unique and valid. We should respect and support individuals in their choices and be open to understanding and learning about different orientations and identities.