How Ugandan TV Personality Simon Kaggwa Njala Became A Viral Meme -

How Ugandan TV Personality Simon Kaggwa Njala Became A Viral Meme

One of the most meme-worthy looks of 2019 has got to be that of Ugandan TV journalist Simon Kaggwa Njala.

But how did this Ugandan Television personality end up as the year’s most popular meme?

An edition of the English-language morning program Morning Breeze broadcast on the Ugandan TV network NBS TV on December 18, 2012. In the broadcast, clergyman Martin Ssempa and transgender LGBT rights advocate Pepe Julian Onziema discussed homosexuality with Morning Breeze anchor Simon Kagwa Njala.

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The memorable line “Why Are You Gay?”—sometimes spelled “Why Are You Gae?”—comes from a debate on homosexuality that was broadcast on a Ugandan TV channel.

Why are you gay? the interviewer Simon Kagwa Njala asks the guest during the first minutes of the conversation.

“We bring in the studio this morning one of the gay rights activists, mister – should I call you “mister”? (Sure) – Pepe Julian Onzima. Thank you for coming in, good morning. Why are you gay? – Who says I’m gay? – You are gay.”

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The viral video that was originally uploaded did not go viral until January 2019. The video had over 761,000 views in five weeks as of January 3rd, 2019.

The broadcast segment, along with a number of other noteworthy moments, was first shared as a viral video and was later repurposed in remixes and memes in 2019.

The meme of the year went to him, Mr. Njala recently tweeted in response to a user who had used a meme of his face, adding that it was time to get back to work and take a break from memes.

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He recently tweeted, “God is monitoring whoever is making memes of me.”