Kenyan Female Politicians Who Love Young Men -

Kenyan Female Politicians Who Love Young Men

There are a number of Kenyan female politicians who have developed a high affinity for young men not only locally but also abroad.

Ranging from getting energetic men to celebrities, these women would sell their kidneys just to have these young men warm their beds and satisfy their emotional needs.

One such woman is Karen Nyamu, a former aspirant in the Nairobi gubernatorial seat whose love for a young man called Samidoh has landed her in trouble.

Not only did Samidoh make Karen Nyamu pregnant but also assaulted her at some point. The two have never been afraid of expressing their love.

Another woman whose love for young men is unquestionable is a certain female politician within Kiambu county. On most occasions, the woman is normally seen by two young men at a popular drinking joint located in Nairobi’s Kasarani.

Apparently, sources which spoke to Kenya Reports on condition of anonymity further revealed that the randy woman can’t just let go young men despite being married to an equally rich husband.