Kujeni Inbox: Wilbroda Ready for a New Husband Years After Her former Marriage Ended

Actress Jackie Nyaminde, best known as Wilbroda from the popular Kenyan TV series Papa Shirandula, recently conveyed a powerful message centered on empowerment and independence, particularly regarding her romantic life.

During a candid conversation with Lynn Ngugi, Wilbroda delved into her perspectives on marriage, societal expectations, and the qualities she values in a potential partner.

Despite facing continuous scrutiny and remarks concerning her marital status, Wilbroda remains resolute in her decision not to rush into marriage. She confidently stated that she feels whole and content as an individual, irrespective of societal norms or her age.

“Never ever. Even if circumstances stay the same, we’re fine. Even those comments like, ‘Hey, mama, you’re getting old, when will you find a husband?’ They don’t faze me at all. As Jackie, I am complete just as I am,” asserted Wilbroda.

When discussing her ideal partner, Wilbroda emphasizes the importance of friendship above all else. She seeks a God-fearing, open-minded companion who shares her love for travel and can positively influence her son.

“I desire a friend above all, someone who loves God, is open-minded, enjoys traveling, and is someone who, when I bring problems, brings solutions. They should also be a good role model for my son and a friend to him. Physical attributes are merely a bonus. I seek a good human being,” she expressed.

In a previous interview, Wilbroda candidly shared insights into the factors contributing to the end of her relationship with her child’s father.

One significant revelation was Wilbroda’s acknowledgment that she unintentionally contributed to the breakdown of her marriage by frequently having relatives, particularly her sisters, over at her home.

“My sisters were always at my house, and I didn’t see anything wrong with it until later, after we split up, he mentioned it to his friend,” she recounted.

She recognized that the constant presence of her relatives created an overwhelming atmosphere for her then-husband, who later expressed his discomfort to a friend.

“I didn’t realize that. Looking back now, I realize I encouraged their visits. I went overboard. I enjoyed their company, but it had consequences,” she admitted.

Reflecting on her changed approach to life, Wilbroda revealed that she no longer entertains visitors unless they are invited.

“I no longer host visitors, not even my relatives. People need their personal space. It’s one of the things you have to mentally prepare for when having friends over.”