“Kwani Wamerudiana?” Akothee and Nelly Oaks Rekindle Connection Leaving Netizens Confused

“It is what it is, and I’ve got nothing to hide; what you see is what you get,” declares Akothee.

In a surprising twist of events, Akothee, along with her former romantic partner and manager, Nelly Oaks, has once again captured the attention of social media users.

Over the weekend, Nelly Oaks and Akothee spent quality time together, and to top it off, he gifted her a lavish present—a pair of extravagant Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses.

Akothee’s excitement was palpable as she eagerly shared this heartwarming surprise with her numerous Instagram followers, filling her stories with posts documenting their delightful evening.

In the video clips, Akothee proudly showcased her Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses, rumored to be valued at anywhere between Kshs 18,000 to over Kshs 25,000.

It was evident that “Madam Boss” was deeply touched by this considerate gesture, as she later posted about how Nelly Oaks had allowed her to personally pick out the sunglasses.

Their enjoyable time together didn’t end there. Nelly Oaks continued to sweep “Madam Boss” off her feet by taking her out for lunch the following day, as revealed through her Instagram stories.

The two seemed to relish their weekend, cherishing each other’s company.

Akothee, also known as Mrs. Omosh, renowned for her candid nature, hasn’t shied away from responding to critics who question her relationship with Nelly Oaks. She has consistently emphasized that Nelly Oaks is more than just a former lover; he’s family.

Despite their romantic relationship not unfolding as expected, she has continuously expressed her gratitude for Nelly Oaks, who has played a vital role in shaping her personal brand.

Adding to the intrigue, she recently tied the knot with Omosh.

However, Omosh has been notably absent from her recent social media posts, leaving fans both curious and perplexed about their current status.