Famous Tiktoker Tileh Pacbro reveals why he doesn’t believe in God

Tileh Pacbro, the esteemed TikTok dancer, has ignited conversations with his frank admission: he no longer believes in the existence of God.

In a recent interview, Pacbro delved into his personal odyssey, shedding light on his gradual divergence from Christianity.

Brought up in a devout Christian household, Pacbro’s perspective on spirituality has undergone a transformation over the years.

“It’s not like one wakes up one morning and decides to be an atheist. It’s a gradual evolution,” he elucidated.

Despite his upbringing, he no longer finds resonance with the faith he was raised in. “The teachings I received don’t align with my real-life experiences,” he elaborated.

His departure from Christianity isn’t a fleeting inclination; it’s a deeply ingrained belief.

“I’ve never really contemplated returning to Christianity,” Pacbro emphasized. His family’s acceptance of his beliefs echoes the lessons instilled by his mother: “They adhere to their own beliefs.”

Furthermore, Pacbro respects his son’s autonomy in choosing his spiritual journey, even if it diverges from his own. His wife’s convictions hold no sway over his beliefs. “Her support for my faith is not a prerequisite,” he firmly stated.

Pacbro’s rejection of organized religion extends to his philosophical stance, which is firmly rooted in scientific principles. “I neither embrace spirituality nor adhere to religion; instead, I place my faith in science,” he emphasized.