My Marriage Lasted 59 Days, Inooro TV Presenter Winrose Wangui

In a revelation made on Wednesday, February 12, Winrose Wangui, a prominent news anchor on Inooro TV, shared with the public via an interview on the vernacular online channel Hungura that her marriage to Reuben Kivati had come to an end after a mere 59 days.

Opening up about her personal life for the first time in such a public manner, Winrose disclosed that despite the public knowledge of her marriage in 2017, few were aware of its incredibly short duration. She recounted how, on the 59th day of marriage, she made the decision to leave, packing her belongings and moving out.

With a sense of grace, Winrose also mentioned that Reuben Kivati had remarried and begun a new family. She expressed a reluctance to delve into the details of their separation, acknowledging that both she and her ex-husband remained puzzled by the reasons behind it. Despite the pain, she chose not to speak extensively about him out of respect for his role as a husband and father.

Reflecting on the aftermath of her marriage’s dissolution, Winrose revealed the challenges she faced in rebuilding her life. Being pregnant at the time added complexity to her situation, forcing her to start anew. Amidst the public scrutiny and gossip surrounding her circumstances, she opted to retreat from the spotlight, relying on a small circle of supportive friends for solace.

Through her journey of healing, Winrose emphasized the importance of relying on faith, stating that only God could guide individuals through the complexities of marriage. Despite the trials she endured, she emerged stronger and more resilient.

The wedding ceremony between Winrose and her estranged husband took place in April 2017, attended by loved ones and media personalities alike.